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* Note Please use good email address you can always read.
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Feel free to contact me to set you up:   Questions or signup problem: Contact  John KK4SHF.  Contact Me

Your DataBase ID:   Use Club or Repeater Callsign or very short abreviation. For POTA e.g. POTAVero
No Spaces, Only alpha/numeric dash or underline
Only used for Database ID. No Duplicates allowed. Or  just add a - suffix if needed for different nets, differnt Database.
You can easy use same database for different nets, on different days.
*Hams see your Net description Club call and location entered below when searching.
After signing up, you can add a large description about your net and club  (mini web site) and schedules.
Net Description*:   Short Desc. and keay words like ARES, POTA, cuub city,  state, Fill in your mini web page after signup.
ADMIN First Name:   You can add more NCOs after logging in.
NOT HAM CLUB:  . CERT: Community Emergency Readiness Team, or public, like Boyscouts - - If CERT Org a non ham id is used.
ADMIN Callsign ID:  Your Ham Call sign -  or - If CERT Org, use a Non Ham call sign ID. No spaces Alpha/Numeric only
ADMIN Email:  Has to be verified
ADMIN Cell:  Used only for support

OPTIONAL* - Your Net's Map set up, can be changed later:

Zoom Level: 3=Multi continent, 5=large continent, 6 medium cont., 7 small cont. like US, 9= Big city, 11=City.
ZOOM level*:     Center on: LAT  90+/- North*:    e.g. 35.1234  |  LON 180 +/- West*:    e.g -75.1234
Full Club URL*:      * OPTIONAL - Normally starts with https:// or http://    
Local Offset from UTC: 
  UTC=0, EST -5, EDT -4 

     (Note: If you cannot read the numbers in the above
image, refresh the page to generate a new one.)

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*Once verified, you can add a page about your net, dates, freq, Net Controlers etc.
  Passwd will be sent to you. Note you can get your passwd now from login page  "Forgot Password" Link